1. Acronym – ADA:

Amazon Development Agency, a development agency in Brazil

American Decency Association, an advocacy group against pornography

American Dental Association

American Diabetes Association

American Dietetic Association, the former name of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics

Americans for Democratic Action, a liberal advocacy organization

Amigos dos Amigos, a drug cartel in Rio de Janeiro

Association of Drainage Authorities, a membership body for those involved in water level management in the UK

Australian Digital Alliance, a copyright advocacy group

Australian Dental Association

Austrian Development Agency, a development aid agency

Aerolínea de Antioquia, a Colombian Airline

Alternative Distribution Alliance, a music distributor owned by Warner Music Group

Aeronautical Development Agency, an agency of India’s Ministry of Defence

Air Defense Artillery Branch, a branch of the U.S. Army specializing in anti-aircraft weapons

Angehöriger der Armee (AdA), a person on active duty in the Swiss Armed Forces

Armée de l’Air, the French Air Force

ADA, a cryptocurrency

ADA collider, an electron–positron collider

Ada (programming language), a high-level computer programming language

Adenosine deaminase, an enzyme involved in purine metabolism

Advanced Distribution Automation, an extension of intelligent control over an electrical power grid

Analog-to-digital converter (ADA or A/DA), an electronic converter in some electronic devices, often musical

Apple Design Awards, an event at the Apple Worldwide Developers Conference

Azodicarbonamide, a food additive also used in plastics production

ADA (buffer), a chemical buffer in the physiological range

Airline Deregulation Act, a 1978 US law removing governmental control from commercial aviation

Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990, a U.S. law that prohibits discrimination on the basis of disability

Antideficiency Act, a U.S. law that prohibits the federal government from incurring debts not authorized by Congress

Assistant District Attorney, a US government attorney position

Adana Şakirpaşa Airport (IATA code)

After the Development of Agriculture (A.D.A.), a system of counting years

Dangme language (ISO 639-2 and ISO 639-3 codes)

Asociación Deportiva Agropecuaria, a football club based in the city of Jaén, Cajamarca, Perú

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2. Ada is a feminine given name. One origin is the Germanic element „adel-“ meaning „nobility“, for example as part of the names Adelaide and Adeline. The name can also trace to a Hebrew origin, sometimes spelled Adah עָדָה, meaning „adornment“.

Ada means „first daughter“ among the Igbo People. Its equivalent for „first son“ in the same clan is Tahitii and Okpara across all Igbo ethnic group in Nigeria.

The Igbo people are one of the largest ethnic groups in Africa. Ada means „island“ in Turkish, and it was the 35th most popular girls’ name in Turkey in 2016.[4] Finally, the name occurs in Greek mythology and was in use in Ancient Greece.

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3. Name:

Ada of Caria (fl. 377–326 BC), satrap deposed by her brother Idrieus and restored by Alexander the Great

St. Ada, 7th-century French abbess

Ada or Adelais, 8th-century sister of Charlemagne, for whom the Ada Gospels at Trier were produced

Ada de Warenne (1120–1178), Anglo-Norman wife of Henry of Scotland, Countess of Northumbria and Huntingdon

Ada of Huntingdon (1146–1206), Scottish noblewoman, Countess of Holland by marriage

Ada of Holland, Margravine of Brandenburg (c. 1163 – 1205), daughter of Floris III, Count of Holland and his wife Ada of Huntingdon

Ada, Countess of Holland (1188–1223), Countess of Holland between 1203 and 1207

Ada, Countess of Atholl (died 1264)

Ada Adini (1855–1924), American operatic soprano who had an active international career from 1876

Ada Adler (1878–1946), Danish classical scholar and librarian

Ada Albrecht, Argentinian author

Ada Ameh (1974–2022), Nigerian actress

Ada Bakker (born 1948), Dutch tennis player

Ada Ellen Bayly (1857–1903), English novelist

Ada Kouri Barreto (1917–2005), eminent cardiologist

Ada Beveridge (1875–1964), Australian Country Women’s Association leader

Ada Blackjack, (1898–1983), Inuit woman who was a castaway for two years on Wrangel Island in northern Siberia

Ada Bolten (1903–1984), Dutch swimmer

Ada Booyens (born 1961), South African race walker

Ada Bromham (1880–1965), Australian feminist and temperance activist

Ada Brown (judge) (born 1974), American federal judge

Ada Brown (singer) (1890–1950), American blues singer

Ada Buffulini (1912-1991), Italian anti-fascist campaigner

Ada Cambridge (1844–1926), later known as Ada Cross, English writer

Ada Carrasco (1912–1994), Mexican film and television actress

Ada Castells (born 1968), Catalan professor, writer and journalist

Ada Cavendish (1839–1895), English actress known for her Shakesperean roles and for popularising the plays of Wilkie Collins in America

Ada Nield Chew (1870–1945), British suffragist

Ada Choi (born 1973), Hong Kong actress best known for her work for TVB television

Ada Clare (1834–1874), born Jane McElhenney, American actress, writer, and feminist

Ada Colau (born 1974), Spanish activist and Mayor of Barcelona

Ada Langworthy Collier (1843-1919), American writer

Ada Comstock (1876–1973), American women’s education pioneer

Ada Cornaro (1881–1961), prominent Argentine film and theatre actress, tango dancer and singer of the 1930s and 1940s

Ada Crossley (1874–1929), Australian singer

Ada de la Cruz (born 1986), Miss Dominican Republic 2009 and Miss Universe 2009 first runner-up

Ada Deer (1935-2023), Native American advocate and scholar who served as head of the United States’ Bureau of Indian Affairs from 1993 to 1997

Ada Dietz (1882–1950), American weaver best known for her 1949 monograph Algebraic Expressions in Handwoven Textiles

Ada Dondini (1883–1958), Italian film actress

Ada Dow Currier (died 1926), American stage actress, producer, acting coach

Ada Constance Duncan (1896–1970), Australian welfare activist

Ada Dyas (1843–1908), Irish actress

Ada Ehi (born 1987), Nigerian gospel singer

Ada María Elflein (1880–1919), Argentine poet, columnist, translator, feminist and teacher

Ada English (1875–1944), Irish revolutionary politician and psychiatrist

Ada Evans (1872–1947), Australian lawyer, was the first female law graduate in Australia

Ada and Minna Everleigh, sisters who operated the Everleigh Club, a high-priced brothel in the Levee District of Chicago after 1900

Ada Falcón (1905–2002), Argentine tango dancer, singer and film actress of the 1920s and 1930s

Ada Feinberg-Sireni (born 1930), Israeli politician

Ada Ferrer (born 1962), American historian

Ada Fisher (1947-2022), American retired physician and frequent Republican candidate for office

Ada Lois Sipuel Fisher (1924–1995), key figure in the Civil Rights Movement in Oklahoma

Ada Gabrielyan (born 1941), Armenian painter

Ada Sawyer Garrett (1856–1938), Chicago socialite of the late 19th century

Ada Gentile (born 1947), Italian pianist and composer

Ada Gilmore (1883–1955), American watercolorist and printmaker

Ada Gobetti (1902–1968), Italian journalist and politician

Ada den Haan (1941–2023), Dutch swimmer

Ada R. Habershon (1861–1918), Christian hymnist, known for her 1907 hymn „Will the Circle Be Unbroken“

Ada Hegerberg, Norwegian football striker

Ada Howard (1829–1907), the first president of Wellesley College

Ada Verdun Howell (1902–1981), Australian author and poet

Ada Louise Huxtable (1921–2013), architecture critic and writer on architecture

Ada Maria Isasi-Diaz (1943–2012), professor emerita of ethics and theology at Drew University in Madison, New Jersey

Ada Itúrrez de Cappellini, Argentine politician

Ada J. Graves (1870–1918), British children’s writer

Ada James (1876–1952), suffragist, social worker, and reformer

Ada Jones (1873–1922), popular mezzo-soprano who recorded from 1905 to the early 1920s

Ada Karmi-Melamede (born 1936), Israeli architect

Ada Katz (born 1928), wife and model of Alex Katz

Ada Kepley (1847–1925), the first American woman to graduate from law school

Ada van Keulen (1920–2010), Dutch World War II resistance member

Ada Copeland King, the common law wife of American geologist Clarence King

Ada King-Milbanke, 14th Baroness Wentworth (1871–1917), British peeress

Ada Kok (born 1947), Dutch swimmer

Ada Kramm (1899–1981), Norwegian stage and film actress

Ada Kuchařová (born 1958), Czechoslovakian orienteering competitor

Ada Annie Lawson or Cougar Annie (1888–1985), pioneer who settled on the west coast of Vancouver Island, Canada

Ada Lee, jazz, blues, gospel and soul music singer from Springfield, Ohio since the late 1950s

Ada Leverson (1862–1933), British writer who is now known primarily for her work as a novelist

Ada Limón (born 1976), American poet

Ada Lovelace (1815–1852), born Augusta Ada Byron, English writer, programmed Charles Babbage’s mechanical computer, the analytical engine

Ada Lundver (1942–2011), Estonian actress and singer

Ada Mackenzie (1891–1973), Canadian golfer

Ada Maddison (1869–1950), British mathematician best known for her work on differential equations

Ada Maddocks (1927–2007), British trade union official

Ada Madssen (1917–2009), Norwegian sculptor

Ada Maimon (1893–1973), Israeli politician who served as a member of the Knesset for Mapai between 1949 and 1955

Ada Maris (born 1957), Mexican-American actress

Ada Marshania, ethnic Abkhaz and the Deputy of Supreme Council of the de jure Government of Abkhazia in exile since July 2006

Ada Maza (born 1951), Argentine Justicialist Party politician

Ada Menken or Adah Isaacs Menken (1835–1868), American actress, painter and poet

Ada Milby (born 1983), Filipino rugby player

Ada Miller or Corín Tellado (1927–2009), prolific Spanish writer of romantic novels and photonovels

Ada Moldovan or Adriana Moldovan (born 1983), Romanian handball player

Ada Andy Napaltjarri (born 1954), Warlpiri and Luritja speaking Indigenous artist from Australia’s Western Desert region

Ada Negri (1870–1945), Italian poet and writer

Ada Nicodemou (born 1977), Australian-born Greek-Cypriot actress, played Leah Patterson-Baker in the soap opera Home and Away

Ada Norris, DCMG, DBE (1901–1989), Australian women’s rights activist and community worker

Ada M. Oredigger, pen name of Karl Emil Nygard (1906–1984), American Communist politician and first Communist mayor in the United States

Ada Palmer (born 1981), American writer

Ada Paterson (1880–1937), New Zealand school doctor, child health administrator and community worker

Ada Patterson (1867–1939), American print journalist

Ada Perkins (1959–1980), Puerto Rican beauty queen and contestant in the 1978 Miss Universe beauty pageant

Ada Pilgrim (1867–1965), New Zealand healer

Ada Polak (née Andrea Buch) (1914–2010), Norwegian art historian

Ada Pometti (born 1942), Italian actress

Ada Reeve (1874–1966), English actress of both stage and film

Ada Rehan (1859–1916), American actress

Ada Roach, American musical comedy actress

Ada Roe (1858–1970), British supercentenarian

Ada Rook, Canadian musician

Ada Dwyer Russell (1863–1952), Mormon stage actress

Ada Sari (1886–1968), Polish opera singer, actress, and educator

Ada Lewis Sawyer (1892–1985), American lawyer

Ada Holly Shissler, Associate Professor of Ottoman and Modern Turkish History at the University of Chicago

Ada Škerl (1924 – 2009), Slovene poet, writer and translator

Ada Smith (born 1945), New York State Senator from 1989 to 2006

Ada „Bricktop“ Smith (1894–1984), African-American dancer, singer, vaudevillian, and self-described saloon-keeper

Ada Svedin (1900–1975), German actress

Ada Svetlova, Latvian singer, mezzo-soprano, performer of classical and ethnic repertoire

Ada Josephine Todd (1858-1904), American author and educator

Ada Udechukwu (born 1960), Nigerian artist and poet associated with the Nsukka group

Ada Mae Vaughn (1905–1943), movie actress

Ada Vélez (born 1970), Puerto Rican female professional boxer

Ada Vojtsik, Russian actress

Ada Overton Walker (1880–1914), African-American vaudeville performer and wife of George Walker

Ada Ward, English actress and singer who became a star in Australia in the 1870s, and later worked in the United States

Ada Wells née Pike (1863–1933), feminist and social worker in New Zealand

Ada Williams (actress) (1913–1975), American film actress

Ada Williams (baby farmer) (1875–1900), baby farmer convicted of killing 21-month-old Selina Ellen Jones in London

Ada Clendenin Williamson (1880–1958), American book illustrator

Ada Yonath (born 1939), Israeli crystallographer best known for her pioneering work on the structure of the ribosome

Ada Zehra Anlatıcı (born 2007), Turkish swimmer with Down syndrome

Ada Zhang, American author

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4. Middle name:

Florence Ada Keynes (née Brown) (1861–1958), British author, social reformer, and Mayor of Cambridge in 1932

Mary Ada Pickford CBE (1884–1934), British politician, industrialist and historian

Florence Ada Mary Lamb Polson (1877–1941), New Zealand rural women’s advocate

Caroline Ada Seville (1874–1955), New Zealand nurse, hospital matron and community leader

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5. Surnames:

Alma Flor Ada (born 1938), Cuban-American author of children’s books, poetry and novels

Francisco Ada (1934–2010), Northern Mariana Islands politician

Gordon Ada (1922–2012), Australian microbiologist

Jacquette Ada (born 1991), Cameroonian footballer

Joseph Franklin Ada (born 1943), American politician

Kawa Ada (born 1982), Canadian actor, writer and producer

Marie-Noëlle Ada (born 1990), beauty queen, Miss Gabon 2012

Patrick Ada (born 1985), Cameroonian footballer

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6. Ada (Malayalam: അട), Ela Ada, Patholi, Genasele, or Yelaiyappam is an Indian sweet and traditional Kerala, Karnataka and Konkan delicacy,it can be seen even in parts of Tamil Nadu as well, onsisting of rice parcels encased in a dough made of rice flour, with sweet fillings, steamed in banana leaf and served as an evening snack or as part of breakfast.

Grated coconut and rice flour are the two main ingredients. It is a snack made out of raw rice flour, sugar or jaggery and grated coconut. It is usually prepared on Onam.

Poovada is prepared in the tip end of the plantain leaf as the Nivedyam for Onam, into this ada goes, with the coconut filling, a sprinkling of the Thumbapoo (a white flower Leucas aspera), making it more auspicious.[

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7. Ada was a wooden ketch that was wrecked on the Oyster Bank at Newcastle, New South Wales, Australia.

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8. Ada class is a class of anti-submarine corvettes developed primarily for the Turkish Navy during the first stage of the MILGEM project. The Turkish Navy has commissioned all four Ada-class corvettes.

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9. Ada Health is a global health company created by doctors to improve human health by transforming knowledge into better outcomes. The company has headquarters in Berlin, with offices in New York, London, and Toronto.

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10. Ada (Serbian Cyrillic: Ада; Hungarian: Ada) is a town and municipality located in the North Banat District of the autonomous province of Vojvodina, Serbia. It is situated near the river Tisa in the geographical region of Bačka.

The town has a population of 9,564, while the municipality has 16,991 inhabitants (2011 census), and a 75.04% Hungarian majority.

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11. Ada Bridge (Serbian Cyrillic: Мост на Ади, romanized: Most na Adi) is a cable-stayed bridge over the Sava river in Belgrade, Serbia. The bridge crosses the tip of Ada Ciganlija island, connecting the municipalities of Čukarica and New Belgrade.

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12. Ada (Serbian Cyrillic: Ада) is a village in Šodolovci, Osijek-Baranja County, Croatia. The settlement was originally a pustara, a Pannonian type of hamlet.

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13. Ada is a village in the municipalities of Odžak (Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina) and Vukosavlje (Republika Srpska), Bosnia and Herzegovina.

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14. . Adaköy (also: Ada) is a village in the Karaman District of Karaman Province, Turkey. Its population is 174 (2022). It is situated in the mountainous area to the south east of Karaman.

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15. Ada is a town in the Boripe Local Government area of Osun State, Nigeria. A town headed by Oba Oyetunde Olumuyiwa Ojo (The Olona of Ada), Ada has the biggest market in the local government area and it generated the highest revenue for it.

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16. Ada is an unincorporated community in Montgomery County, Alabama, United States. Ada is located at the intersection of U.S. Route 331 and Alabama State Route 94, 32 km south of Montgomery.

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17. Ada is an unincorporated community in Ottawa County, Kansas, United States. As of the 2020 census, the population of the community and nearby areas was 86. It is located approximately 12 miles west of Minneapolis.

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18. Ada (/ˈeɪdə/ AY-də is a city in Norman County, Minnesota, United States. The population was 1,740 at the 2020 census. It is the county seat.

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19. Ada (/ˈeɪdə/; AY-də) is a village in Hardin County, Ohio, United States, located about 111 km southwest of Toledo. The population was 5,334 at the 2020 census. It is the home of Ohio Northern University.

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20. Ada is a city in and the county seat of Pontotoc County, Oklahoma, United States. The population was 16,481 at the 2020 United States Census. 

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21. Ada is an unincorporated community in Lane County, Oregon, United States, at the intersection of Fiddle Creek, Canary, and Ada Roads, about 10 miles Southeast of the junction of Canary Road with Oregon Highway 101. 

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22. Ada is an unincorporated community in Mercer County, West Virginia, United States. Ada is located on West Virginia Route 112, 7.2 km east-northeast of Bluefield.

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23. Ada is an unincorporated community in the town of Herman, Sheboygan County, Wisconsin, United States.

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24. Ada is one of the constituencies represented in the Parliament of Ghana. It elects one member of parliament by the first-past-the-post system of election. The Ada constituency is located in the Dangme East District of the Greater Accra Region of Ghana.

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25. Adeh (Persian: اده, Syriac: ܥܕܐ, also Romanized as Ādeh; also known as Ada and Ādeh-ye Bozorg) is a village in Tala Tappeh Rural District, Nazlu District, Urmia County, West Azerbaijan Province, Iran.

The name Ada is believed to come from a Turkish word meaning „island,“ which itself is a Turkification of the village’s previous name, Jazarta, meaning „island“ in Assyrian Neo-Aramaic.

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26. Ada County is located in the southwestern part of Idaho, United States. As of the 2020 United States census, the county had a population of 494,967, which by 2022 was estimated to have risen to 518,907

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27. Ada River is a perennial river of the West Gippsland catchment, located in the West Gippsland region of the Australian state of Victoria.

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28. Ada River is a perennial river of the Bemm River catchment, located in the East Gippsland region of the Australian state of Victoria.

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29. Ada River is a minor river in Canterbury in the South Island of New Zealand.  The headwaters are in the Spenser Mountains. The river flows east for 10 kilometres before flowing into the Waiau Uwha River.

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30. Ada, also called as O6 alkyl guanine transferase I (O6 AGT I), is an enzyme induced by treatment of bacterial cells with alkylating agents that mainly cause methylation damage.

This phenomenon is called the adaptive response hence the name. Ada transfers the alkyl group from DNA bases and sugar-phosphate backbone to a cysteine residue, inactivating itself. 

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31. Ada is a structured, statically typed, imperative, and object-oriented high-level programming language, inspired by Pascal and other languages.

It has built-in language support for design by contract (DbC), extremely strong typing, explicit concurrency, tasks, synchronous message passing, protected objects, and non-determinism.

Ada improves code safety and maintainability by using the compiler to find errors in favor of runtime errors. Ada is an international technical standard, jointly defined by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO), and the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC). As of May 2023, the standard, called Ada 2022 informally, is ISO/IEC 8652:2023.[

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32. Ada is a computer virus that can affect any of the DOS operating systems. Ada was first discovered in 1991.

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